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Network Blueprint

The Ascension Parish Ready Start Community Network consists of 18 school based early childhood sites, 1 Head Start Center, and 20 Type lll early learning centers.  The October 1, 2022 child count showed that we served 1133  birth to four-year-old children in publicly funded classrooms and centers throughout our community network.  Of those served, 24 children were in foster care, 1 was homeless, and 96 were dual language learners.  Demographic information shows that our preschool population consists of 56% black, 34% white, 6% multi-racial, and 1% Asian.  4% of our population did not specify their race or classified themselves as "other."   125 of our students identify as being Hispanic in ethnicity.

Our overall classroom quality rating for the network is Proficient, showing an increase from 4.77 to 5.05 over the past three years, with 89% of our school-based sites and 89% of our early learning centers scoring proficient or higher.  

100% of our sites, including both school-based and community based early learning centers use an approved Tier 1 curriculum.  90% of our school-based teachers are fully certified, with the remaining 10% holding at least a bachelor’s degree and currently enrolled in an alternative certification program.   51% of our early learning centers employ staff with Child Development Associate (CDA) credentials and currently employ 10 staff members enrolled in an accredited Early Childhood Ancillary Certification program.


Goal 1:  By the end of the 2024 - 2025 school year, we will increase access to high quality early childhood education for birth to four-year-olds by increasing the number of publicly funded seats to meet 100% of the family demand.

Goal 2: By the end of the 2024-2025 school year, we will improve the quality of our early childhood network by increasing our overall performance rating from proficient to highly proficient.

Goal 3: Identify and reach traditionally underserved populations and provide expanded family support to at risk families.

Goal 4:  Increase opportunities to identify and provide research-based interventions that foster development of executive functioning and language/ literacy skills by implementing a universal developmental screening plan for children ages birth to four.