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Network Blueprint

The Ascension Parish Ready Start Community Network consists of 19 school based early childhood sites, 1 Head Start Center, and 20 Type lll early learning centers.  The October 1, 2021 child count showed that we served 1,011 birth to four-year-old children with public funds throughout our community network.  Of those served, 24 children were in foster care, 1 was homeless, and 14 were English Language Learners.  Demographic information shows that we served 542 black, 339 white, 3 Asian, 30 Bi-Racial and 35 students of other races.  101 of those were Hispanic/Latino.

Our overall classroom quality rating for the network is Effective Proficient, showing an increase from 4.77 to 5.10 over the past three years, with 100% of our school-based sites and 89% of our early learning centers scoring proficient or higher.  

100% of our sites, including both school-based and community based early learning centers use an approved Tier 1 curriculum.  90% of our school-based teachers are fully certified, with the remaining 10% holding at least a bachelor’s degree and currently enrolled in an alternative certification program.   51% of our early learning centers employ staff with Child Development Associate (CDA) credentials and currently employ 10 staff members enrolled in an accredited Early Childhood Ancillary Certification program.


Goal 1:  By the end of the 2024 - 2025 school year, we will increase access to high quality early childhood education for birth to four-year-olds by increasing the number of publicly funded seats to meet 100% of the family demand.

Goal 2: By the end of the 2024-2025 school year, we will improve the quality of our early childhood network by increasing our overall performance rating from proficient to highly proficient.

Goal 3: Identify and reach traditionally underserved populations and provide expanded family support to at risk families.

Goal 4:  Increase opportunities to identify and provide research-based interventions that foster development of executive functioning and language/ literacy skills by implementing a universal developmental screening plan for children ages birth to four.