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Required Documents

All programs require the following documents to be uploaded to your application in order to be considered for eligibility:

  • Child's birth certificate
    • (Note: Families applying for publicly funded seats in early learning centers  day care centers) for children aged birth to 3 must also include birth certificates for all children in the household to show proof of family size)
  • Child's Immunization (shot) Record (signed and dated by doctor)
  • Proof of Residence
    •  Driver's License with current Ascension Parish address for the primary adult in the household (parent) for families applying to child care centers (day care)
    •  Gas or Electric Bill with service address is also required for applicants to school sites to verify school attendance zone
    • Families that do not have a current gas or electric bill  in their name  and who are applying to school sites may submit the bill that is in the name of the homeowner until eligibility is approved.  Once the child is accepted into the program the parent will be required to provide an Affidavit of Residency for Ascension Parish Schools.  These forms are available at the school or the school system's Office of Welfare and Attendance
  • Proof of Income for all adult members of the household which may include one or more of the following:
    • 2 current paycheck stubs showing gross income for all adults in the household  
    • OR Declaration of Irregular Income Form
    • OR Statement of No Income Form
    • OR
      • SNAP Benefits (no additional income information required)
      • Medicaid Benefits (no additional income information required if Medicaid is due to household income)

NOTE:  W-2's and Income tax returns are not accepted as proof of income.  Income eligibility is based upon the income for the two months prior to the submission of your completed application.  A completed application must include all required documents listed above, so if income documents are submitted, but other documents such as birth certificates or proof of residence are not submitted within two months of your initial application, you may be required to submit more current income documents at a later time.  


Early Childhood Office
Located at Gonzales Primary School North Burnside entrance
521 N. Burnside Ave
Gonzales, LA  70737

LeBlanc Special Services
611 N. Burnside Ave
Gonzales, LA  70737

Ascension Parish School Board
1100 Webster Street
Donaldsonville, LA  70346 

Ascension Head Start
603 Lee Ave. 
Donaldsonville, LA  70346